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If not now, then when?

Sometimes in the seeking I'm so overwhelmed by the possibilities that fear paralyses me and I feel like I can barely breathe. The weight of the gift is pressing down on my chest, and I don't know If I'll ever get through it. At this time in my life more than any other, or in fact for the first time in my life, I feel alone. Like a desert island, no ships breaking on my shore. And yet I know I need this. A simple time to gather my thoughts, a pause in time to find my way. But in the silence sometimes all I can hear is my heartbeat. That heavy muscle banging on a steel drum. And so I turn the music louder, to drown it out, wishing away the the thoughts that chase me. But when I dare, I stop and turn down the white noise, and hail to the Creator, I seek an audience with Him. I need more life breath to keep me here. Peace to transcend my weary thoughts. And as I look, in that moment, I see a glimpse of His reflected beauty. My friends, artists - creators - beating out the hu
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Think Pink, well you know... it's better than blue!

When I'm feelin' blue, all I have to do is take a look at you, Then I'm not so blue.

A new beginning

With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart  I lift my hands to you With the rain on my face, and doubts in my mind I smile You hold my future, you are my future. The burden inside isn't mine to carry The weight pressing down, is of my own making Your very strong hand holds onto mine tightly, guiding me to the place where I belong. Where you guide me is unimaginable A place I have craved and longed to see Colours and beauty invading my being From glory to glory Strength to strength Almighty, Magnificent. Be not afraid This is just the beginning Keep pressing in, keep walking forward When you fall, rise up When you weep, I'll dry your tears Hold on tighter, press in harder I'm here with you, lighting the way; Don't give up, don't break down Keep on believing, keep on moving I want the best for you, you have the best in you Step forward, be strong and very courageous © Copyright Andromeda OLSEN NALUM 12/0

The Creativity Myth

RE-blogged from Hillsong Collected To read the full article follow this link: The Creativity Myth Posted by:  Gabriel Kelly 20 September, 2011   I feel like one of the biggest mistakes we as people make, is to lock people into the 'creative' or 'uncreative’ box. It's very easy to stereotype a guitarist as 'creative' and an accountant as 'not creative'. We look at a photographer or someone who dresses with a bit more eccentricity and say, 'they're so creative'. Meanwhile, we look at someone who works with spreadsheets or teaches 4 year olds and without thinking we class them as not quite as creative as our friend who designs t shirts. As is often the case, appearances can be deceiving. Being a brilliant guitarist doesn't necessarily mean you're a creative genius, it may just mean you can move your fingers really fast. The creativity myth is viciou

I'm in love.

I'm in love. In love with fashion. A passion for fashion, that's always been there. To die for, to kill, but most even care. How it became was before my birth. Before the sky, and before the earth. I live and I breathe, but mostly don't see. And when I see, I fall on my face, Consumed by Your fire. Picked up by Your grace. The desire I have is to serve You more. To live and to breathe like none have before. It's You that I love. It's You I adore. All I want is to get you more. The desire for wings. To mingle with Kings. To be Your child. To see Your head nod. To live and to know I'm a Child of God I want to know, I want to grow. More like you, in the things I do. You wore clothes, You are a King, You understand what FABRIC can bring. Importance and grace, the light of a face. Shining in Darkness the way through eternity. And now I know You can always hear me. © Copyright Andromeda OLSEN NALUM13/01/1999

Fabric of Humanity Limited Stock now in Paris

Imagine a clothing brand where every garment sold has the potential to change someone’s life. - A store where every belt, every scarf would provide the funds to feed a child. - A simple T-shirt could provide an education. - A jumper or Leather Jacket could provide shelter for an entire family, enabling their lives to flourish! - Imagine a shop where every customer has the opportunity to reach into someone else's life and make a difference. - I believe this CAN happen. - We are The Fabric Of Humanity. Limited Stock now in Paris... You want this teeshirt, for guys or girls, you wanna invest in something bigger than yourself... message me  on Facebook and we'll find your size... Fabric Of Humanity on FaceBook